Missionary Day Celebration 2023

February 5, 2023 (Sunday) marks the 113th year of the coming of Christianity to Southern Manipur. On February 5, 1910, Watkin Robert Roberts, a Welsh missionary came to Senvawn Village in South Manipur to preach the gospel for the first time.

The Independent Church of India has been celebrating this day as Missionary Day for the past many years.

We, at Sielmat Bible College, will also be observing Missionary Day with a feast. The program for the day will be as follows:

10:30 AM | SBC Chapel

Conductor:  Miss Erica Zarzokim

Special Number: SBC Group Song

Offering: Mission Fund

Offertory Prayer: Rev. Jonathan Infimate

Speaker: Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul

4:00 PM

Grace for the Missionary Day Feast: Sir James Lawrence Darngawn

6:00 PM | SBC Chapel

Conductor: Miss Marina L. Buongpui

Speaker: Rev. Alan L. Thiek

Changes to our Calendar of Events

We have made some changes to our Calendar of Events 2022-2023. We have also updated the Calendar of Events file from our downloads page as well. Please note the following changes:

17 March (Fri)                                     :                       Last Day of Classes

18-21 March (Sat-Tue)                        :                       2nd Semester Exam Preparation

22-28 March (Wed-Tue)                     :                       Second Semester Final Exam

29-31 March (Wed-Fri)                       :                       Graduation Day Preparation

1 April (Sat)                                        :                       Graduation Service

3 April – 01 June (Mon-Thurs)           :                       Break

02 June (Fri)                                        :                       Day of Arrival

Classes Resumed

We have resumed classes from January 16, 2023 after the Winter Holidays. The day was started with a devition at the chapel led by Rev. Jonathan Infimate, Principal where he welcomed the students back and advised them on the need to put God first in all their lives.

Date of Arrival

We have received reports that there is confusion regarding the date of arrival for students after the winter break. Therefore, all students are reminded that the date of arrival is 13th January 2023 (Friday).

The news item that caused the confusion has also been corrected.

New Book by our Principal

A book titled Indigenous Theology ~ a study of Pastor Thangur’s Hymns in the Context of Paul Hiebert’s Fourth-Self Theology written by Rev. Jonathan Infimate, Principal, SBC was released yesterday by Rev. Lalneikhup Hmar at SBC Chapel. The book is a study on the Hymns of Thangngur from a mission perspective. A must-read for students who are interested in Indigenous Theology and indigenous mission. Every student must try to have a copy of it! Only 500 copies are printed.

The Principal also gifted three copies of the book to our college library.

The Book, released by Rev. Lalneikhup Hmar, Secretary Ministries, ICI

Gift from Central Youth Department

We have received a priceless gift from the Central Kristien Thalai Pawl (Central Youth Department) of the Independent Church of India in the form of 10 copies of Independent Kohran Chanchin (History of the Independent Church) this week. We are extremely grateful to the youth leaders.

We believe that these books will be of great value and use for our students in their understanding of the history of the church.

New Principal Takes Over

The official handing over of the charge of Principal, SBC was held today (15th Dec. 2022 at 2:30pm) at SBC by the outgoing Principal Rev Dr JL Songate to the incoming Principal Rev. Jonathan Infimate. The program was convened by Rev. Lalneikhup Hmar, Secretary Ministries; and attended by all the Secretaries of ICI as well as members of the SBC Board and SBC Faculty.

We wish the retired Principal a happy retired life and the incoming Principal the very best.

May God bless them both.

Gift from SBC Alumni

The SBC Alumni Association has generously donated some funds to the SBC as ‘book grant’ to acquire more books in the coming year. Rev. T. Remthang Hrangchal, President; Rev. Hrangtinai, Secretary; and Elder Lalrothlang visited SBC today and handed over the money to the outgoing Principal, Rev. Dr. J.L. Songate, in the presence of the incoming Principal, Rev. Jonathan Infimate and other faculty of SBC.

The SBC in grateful to the Alumni Association who have been very instrumental in the growth of the college these many years. In the past years, the Alumni Association had donated tables, chairs, ceiling fans, almirahs and many other things for the betterment of the college.

Rev. Jonathan Infimate is our new Principal

Three new lecturers appointed.

Rev. Jonathan Infimate, the current Dean of Practical Ministry is the new Principal of Sielmat Bible College. The Executive Council of the Independent Church of India today appointed Rev. Jonathan Infimate as the new Principal of Sielmat Bible College, a day after Rev. Dr. J.L. Songate retired from active service, having attained the age of 65 years.

The day of the official handing over of charge will be announced soon.

More good news for SBC: The Executive Council also appointed three new lecturers for the college:

  1. Rev. Joe Sanghmingthang
  2. Rev. Dr. Lalnghakthang
  3. Rev. Lalliensung

We extend a very warm welcome to our new lecturers.

Rev. Jonathan Infimate, Principal

Winter Holiday Begins

Our Winter Holidays begin today.

Most of the students of SBC are traveling back to their homes for the winter holidays today.

They will be back on campus by 13th January 2023 to resume their studies.

We wish them journey mercies. Godspeed!