The Sielmat Bible College has a Board of Governors consisting of highly distinguished academicians from both the secular and theological streams, mostly church officials. The Board of Governors is at present:

Chairman: Rev. HB Hluothang, Adjunct Lecturer, SBC
Secretary: Rev. Dr. JL Songate, Principal, SBC

1. Rev. Lalhmingthang, Executive Secretary, ICI
2. Rev. Zathangsing Zate, Secretary of Finance and Development, ICI
3. Rev. Lalneikhup Hmar, Secretary Ministries and Education, ICI
4. Rev. Jaya Kumar, Ex Principal
5. Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul, Academic Dean, SBC
6. Elder David L. Lungtau, Associate Professor, Lamka Government College
7. Mr.Laldatlien F.Tusing

The Office

Principal: Rev. Dr. JL Songate, BD, D. Miss.
Academic Dean: Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul, BD, Ph. D.
Registrar: Rev. Alan L. Thiek, M.Th. New Testament
Librarian: Ms. Merina L. Buongpui, BD, Library
Treasurer: Ms. Erica Zarzokim, BD

1. Mr. James L. Darngawn, M. Th. Old Testament
2. Mr. Andrew Lalnghillo, M. Th. Old Testament
3. Rev. Jonathan Infimate, M. Th. Missiology
4. Rev. HB Hluothang, M. Th. Theology