SBC Students’ Council 2022-2023

The Students’ Council Election was held on 21st March, 2022 with the Registrar, Academic Dean, Warden, Treasurer and Librarian overseeing the process. The following are unanimously elected for the following posts for the term 2022-2023:

President:                                          Hnetu Hrilthangluoi

General Secretary:                           James Vanlalding Songate

Finance Secretary:                           Lalhminglien Hmar

Pulpit Secretary:                               Benwati Gospela Nampui

Secretary, Practical Ministry:        Jehovah Hmar

Work Secretary:                               Jehova Shalom Hmar

Music Secretary:                               Simeon Lalnghaklien

Mess Secretary:                                Alfred Keivom

Light In-Charge:                               Oliver Lalremthang

Games and Sports Secretary:          Nazareth Lalrinum

Prayers for the newly elected members to the Students’ Council will be done by the Principal after the Chapel Service on 23rd March, 2022 (Wednesday). Handing over of charge will be held on the same day.


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