Day of Prayer 2023

We observed yesterday as a Day of Prayer with the following program:

24th February 2023 (Friday)

Sielmat Prayer Mountain


9:30 AM: Departure from the College

10:00 AM : First Session

Worship : Music Committee

Mass Prayer

Sharing : Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul

Mass Prayer

11:15 AM : Second Session

Cell Group Prayer Meetings

Each Cell Group leaders will make programs for the prayer meeting

12:00 PM : Third Session

Worship : Music Committee

Mass Prayer

Sharing : Sir James Lawrence Darngawn

Mass Prayer

Closing Prayer and Grace for the refreshments : Sir Andrew Lalnghillo

1:00PM : Heavy Refreshments

1:30PM : Departure from the Prayer Mountain


  1. Music Committee shall be in charge of musical instruments and song books
  2. B. Th. I are in charge of physical arrangements.

Some photos from the prayer:


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