Changes to our Calendar of Events

We have made some changes to our Calendar of Events 2022-2023. We have also updated the Calendar of Events file from our downloads page as well. Please note the following changes:

17 March (Fri)                                     :                       Last Day of Classes

18-21 March (Sat-Tue)                        :                       2nd Semester Exam Preparation

22-28 March (Wed-Tue)                     :                       Second Semester Final Exam

29-31 March (Wed-Fri)                       :                       Graduation Day Preparation

1 April (Sat)                                        :                       Graduation Service

3 April – 01 June (Mon-Thurs)           :                       Break

02 June (Fri)                                        :                       Day of Arrival

Date of Arrival

We have received reports that there is confusion regarding the date of arrival for students after the winter break. Therefore, all students are reminded that the date of arrival is 13th January 2023 (Friday).

The news item that caused the confusion has also been corrected.

New Principal Takes Over

The official handing over of the charge of Principal, SBC was held today (15th Dec. 2022 at 2:30pm) at SBC by the outgoing Principal Rev Dr JL Songate to the incoming Principal Rev. Jonathan Infimate. The program was convened by Rev. Lalneikhup Hmar, Secretary Ministries; and attended by all the Secretaries of ICI as well as members of the SBC Board and SBC Faculty.

We wish the retired Principal a happy retired life and the incoming Principal the very best.

May God bless them both.

Rev. Jonathan Infimate is our new Principal

Three new lecturers appointed.

Rev. Jonathan Infimate, the current Dean of Practical Ministry is the new Principal of Sielmat Bible College. The Executive Council of the Independent Church of India today appointed Rev. Jonathan Infimate as the new Principal of Sielmat Bible College, a day after Rev. Dr. J.L. Songate retired from active service, having attained the age of 65 years.

The day of the official handing over of charge will be announced soon.

More good news for SBC: The Executive Council also appointed three new lecturers for the college:

  1. Rev. Joe Sanghmingthang
  2. Rev. Dr. Lalnghakthang
  3. Rev. Lalliensung

We extend a very warm welcome to our new lecturers.

Rev. Jonathan Infimate, Principal

SBC Principal Retires

5 Dec. 2022: Rev. Dr. J.L. Songate, the Principal of Sielmat Bible College retired from active service yesterday, the 4th of December 2022 at the 73rd General Assembly of the Independent Church of India, having attained the age of 65 years.

He had held the Field Secretary in Assam Mission Field, Headmaster of Hebron Standard English School, Executive Secretary of the ICI, Finance Secretary, Mission Secretary, and many other offices during his service.

He is currently the Vice Moderator of the Independent Church of India.

A new Principal will be appointed by the Executive Council of the Independent Church of India later today.

While being a high-ranking Government Officer, and a Civil Service Officer, he received a call from above. He resigned from that coveted post and gave himself to the LORD. He wandered and suffered humiliation, hardships, and poverty. He lived what the Apostle Paul said, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel; it is God’s saving power for everyone who believes” (Rom. 1:16). He turned his back on the pleasures of the world, just as Moses did. By faith, he considered abuse suffered for Christ to be greater than the treasures of the world (cf Heb. 11:26).

In their journey, both our respected madam and our Principal sacrificed much. They lost their son and grieved. They walked through the valley of the shadow of death.

But the Psalmist says, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever” (Ps. 23:4-6).

And like the Psalmist, even though they walked through the valley of the shadow of death, God has been with them and comforted them. God has prepared a table before their enemies. Indeed, goodness and mercy shall follow them all their days.

We wish our beloved Principal a very happy retired life. May God grant him good health and continue to engage in the service of the LORD in the days to come.

Rev. Dr. J.L. Songate’s retirement was announced by the Moderator, ICI
Our beloved PRincipal with some of the faculty and staff

New Fees Structure

A revised fee structure has been approved by the SBC Board for use from the 2023-2024 session onwards. This means that the previous structure will cease to be in effect from the new semester.

To view or download the structure, please click here.

Advent Christmas & Principal Farewell Program

Sielmat Bible College will be organizing an Advent Christmas and Principal Farewell program on 29th November, 2022 at the SBC Chapel. The program is divided into two parts; the first one the Advent Christmas program, and the second, the Farewell Program of our Principal who is to retire on December 4, 2022 at the 73rd General Assembly of the Independent Church of India. The program will be followed by the Advent Christmas and Farewell Dinner.

The following is the program:


Sir Andrew Lalnghillo

Special Song

SBC Male Voice

Christmas Message

Rev. Alan L. Thiek

Song of Praise


Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul

Gifts to the Principal

Ms. Merina L. Buongpui & Ms. Erica Zarzokim


Rev. Dr. J.L. Songate

Prayer for the Principal

Rev. Jonathan Infimate

Closing Prayer and Benediction

Rev. Jaya Kumar

Advent Christmas and Farewell Dinner

Weekend Practical Ministry

The Weekend Practical Ministry, which we had been unable to have due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has been resumed from this semester.

From 6th November, 2022, SBC students have started to visit the following places for their practical ministries:

Bethesda School/College of Nursing

  1. Lalhlunsung (Leader)
  2. James Vanlalding
  3. Lalhminglien
  4. Boniface Kom
  5. Thangrochung
  6. P. Mangkhansiam
  7. Jaff Changlienthang Hekte
  8. Ramsiemsang
  9. Joseph Lalremruot
  10. Aung Lin Than
  11. Gospela Nampui
  12. Immanuel Ralsun

Gilgal Orphanage Home (Mount Carmel)

  1. Fridaystar Timung (Leader)
  2. RK Khawbung
  3. Lalsandam Zote
  4. Parneiril Koireng
  5. Jephania Rohmingthang
  6. Lawrence Buongthangpui
  7. Alfred Keivom
  8. James Lalrofel
  9. Jehovah Lalrintluong
  10. Thangvanmawi Khawbung

Gospel for India (GFI)

  1. Laltinsang (Leader)
  2. Dilip Desisow
  3. Joynthongrai Reang
  4. Kartik Tanti
  5. Nazareth Lalrinum
  6. Julie Ronghangpi
  7. Yaiphaba
  8. Matindra Tripura

David & Jonathan Foundation

  1. Spurgeon Hmar (Leader)
  2. Samuel Lalrohlun
  3. Malsawmtluong
  4. Lalsangzuol
  5. Laltlansuok
  6. Japheth

Rehab Center

  1. Lalziding (Leader)
  2. Chawngtuolur Changsan
  3. Hnetu Hrilthangluoi
  4. Robert Hmar
  5. K. Mawia
  6. Lalsanghuol
  7. Hmarramsan
  8. Lalfakzuol

Lamka ICI Church

  1. Jehovah Shalom (Leader)
  2. Joab L. Keivom
  3. Thangneilien
  4. Oliver Lalremthang
  5. Jehovah Thanglienzuol

Hmarveng ICI Church

  1. Simeon Lalnghaklien (Leader)
  2. Mika Hmingchunghnung
  3. Lalrolien Khawbung
  4. George Lalropek
  5. Jehovah Rothilhlu

The teams are led by Rev. Jonathan Infimate, the Dean of Practical Ministries.

Second Semester Day 1 Program


Program for the first day

2nd November, 2022

SBC Chapel

9:15 AM; SBC Chapel Service

Order of Service

Conductor                            :           Miss Marina L. Buongpui

Intercessory Prayer           :           Sir Andrew Lalnghillo

Introduction of

New Faculty                         :           Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul

Short Message                    :           Rev. Dr. J.L. Songate         

Orientation Program

10:30 – 11:00 AM  Academic Matters  Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul, Academic Dean  
11:15 – 11:45 AM  College Rules and Regulations  Sir Andrew Lalnghillo, Dean of Students  
12:00 – 12:30 PM  Financial Matters Miss Erica Zarzokim, Treasurer  
12:45 – 1:15 PM  Worship and Spiritual Life  Rev. Alan L. Thiek, Registrar & Chaplain  

Notification 4

15th October, 2022

This is to inform all the students, staff, and faculty of Sielmat Bible College that the College will be having a Semester Break from 16th October to 1st November 2022.

However, all the students must report back to the College on 27th October 2022 (Thursday) without fail. No excuses and exceptions will be accepted.

Classes for the Second Semester will begin from 2nd November, 2022 (Wednesday). Every student must be present on the first day of the Second Semester.

(Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul)
Academic Dean,
Sielmat Bible College.

Download this notification as PDF