Advent Christmas & Principal Farewell Program

Sielmat Bible College will be organizing an Advent Christmas and Principal Farewell program on 29th November, 2022 at the SBC Chapel. The program is divided into two parts; the first one the Advent Christmas program, and the second, the Farewell Program of our Principal who is to retire on December 4, 2022 at the 73rd General Assembly of the Independent Church of India. The program will be followed by the Advent Christmas and Farewell Dinner.

The following is the program:


Sir Andrew Lalnghillo

Special Song

SBC Male Voice

Christmas Message

Rev. Alan L. Thiek

Song of Praise


Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul

Gifts to the Principal

Ms. Merina L. Buongpui & Ms. Erica Zarzokim


Rev. Dr. J.L. Songate

Prayer for the Principal

Rev. Jonathan Infimate

Closing Prayer and Benediction

Rev. Jaya Kumar

Advent Christmas and Farewell Dinner


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