Sielmat Bible College is an undertaking of the Independent Church of India and therefore, the church pays its workers.

Board of Governors

The College is governed by the Board of Governors consisting of nine members, six of which are directly elected by the Executive Council of the Independent Church of India for a term of three years. The members elect the Chairman from among themselves. The Executive Secretary, the Secretary Christian Education, the Principal, and the Academic Dean of the College are the ex-officio members. The Board may nominate one member, if needed.

Members of the Board:

Chairman:            Rev. HB Hluothang

Secretary:            Rev. Jonathan Innfimate, Principal


  1. Rev. Lalhmingthang, Executive Secretary, ICI
  2. Rev. Lalneikhup Hmar, Secretary Christian Education, ICI
  3. Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul, Academic Dean
  4. Rev. Jaya Kumar, Ex-Principal
  5. Rev. Zathangsing Zate, Secretary Finance, ICI
  6. Elder David L. Lungtau
  7. Mr. Laldatlien F. Tusing