42nd SBC Founding Day Observed

The 42nd Founding Day of Sielmat Bible College was observed at SBC Chapel today at 10:00 am. We thank the LORD for his faithfulness, guidance and providence these last 42 years.

Rev. Dr. JL Songate, Principal greeted the students on this day and Rev. Alan L. Thiek, Registrar gave a report of the history of the college. He also gave a sermon on the benefits of trusting in the LORD rather than on chariots and horses. The SBC community had a wonderful time of refreshments after the service.

Below is a brief report of the SBC on this day:

The year 2022 is the 42nd year for the Sielmat Bible College. The Sielmat Bible Collegewas established on April 1, 1980. In the beginning, it offered only C. Th. Even themedium of instruction was in Hmar. It was then called the Sielmat Bible School (SBS). Inthe beginning, it had only 14 students with 2 lecturers. The school buildings were tin-roofed, mud walls and floors. Though it began that way, God has been good to us andblessed us. By 1999, it was upgraded to a college offering Bachelor of Theology program(In 2000, we received accreditation from ATA). From the beginning till now, we havehad 549 graduates so far. Our graduates are now working in different capacities asPastors, missionaries, evangelists and Local Church members in different locations.

The Lord continues to bless us till today. This year (2021-2022), we have 48 students inB. Th, and M. Div. programs. In terms of infrastructure, we have been managing to seedevelopments.Our Quarters adjacent to the Roberts’ Jubilee Chapel was renovated fully,and we have made new rooms for the College Accountant.
This year, we have a new photocopy machine that costs more than one lakh rupees; andwe have set aside one room for it. Both the students and the office have been makingexcellent use of it. In addition, we have also acquired a deep freezer for our dining halland a refrigerator for the faculty room. We have been able to have these blessingsbecause of the love of Rev. Dr. Yi Ok Hee, Vision Asia for our college.

Additionally, we have also been able to begin the construction of Staff and Principal’sQuarters. The Evangelical Movement of Wales are helping us build it.
Besides these things, we have been receiving gifts such as new desks for the Principaland Academic Dean, tree saplings, and others from friends and well-wishers. We aretruly thankful for all these.

Sielmat Bible College is an important place for our church from where our Pastors,missionaries, evangelists and others receive training. We are glad that we could not onlycontinue to run the institution, but also see new blessings and developments all around.

As of now, there are 12 workers in the institution–9 lecturers, 1 librarian, 1 clerk, 1cook. We also have 48 students.We request all the churches to pray for the college on this day and to thank the Lord withus for all his blessings.


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