37th Graduation

Prelude and Procession

Congregational Hymn: Amazing Grace

Scripture Reading & Prayer: Ms Marina L. Buongpui, Librarian, SBC

Special Song: ICI Central Choir

Introduction of Graduating Students: Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul, Academic Dean, SBC

Conferring of Certificates: Rev Dr. J. L. Songate, Principal, SBC

Consecratory Prayer: Rev. J. Thanglur, Secretary, Missions, ICI

Conferring of Awards: Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul, Academic Dean, SBC and Rev H.B. Hluothang, Chairman, SBC

Students Response: Saimon Molsom

Special Song: ICI Central Choir

Convocation Address: Rev. B.L. Sandam, Executive Director, MRH&RC

Vote of Thanks: Rev Dr. J. L. Songate, Principal, SBC

Congregational Hymn: To God Be The Glory

Benediction: Rev. Jonathan Infimate, Lecturer, SBC

This year, the following students will be graduating:

Bachelor of Theology

  1. Saimon Molsom, Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Thangrochung Hmar, Assam
  3. Samuel Nampui, Meghalaya
  4. Jaff Chonglienthang Hekte, Assam
  5. Tabitha Lalremruot, Assam
  6. Thangneilien, Mizoram
  7. Hosea Hmar, Assam
  8. Lalsangzuol Hmar, Assam
  9. Lalditum Hmar, Assam

Master of Divinity

  1. Mairembam Tiken, Manipur
  2. L. Noel Joute, Manipur
  3. Laldinglien Hmar, Manipur

The 37th Graduation Service Held

The 37th Graduation of Sielmat Bible College was held on May 1, 2022 at the Roberts’ Jubilee Chapel, Sielmat. This year, 12 students graduated from B. Th. (9) and M. Div. (3).

Recipients of Awards:

  1. Rev. Thangler Award for Academic Proficiency: Thangrochung Hmar (B. Th.)
  2. Ms. Lienzakhawl Award for Mission Studies: Lalsangzuol Hmar (B. Th.)
  3. Rev. Lalngaisang Award for Christian Ministry: Lalditum Hmar (B. Th.)
  4. Ms. Ngulthatling Award for General Contribution: Thangneilien (B. Th.)
  5. Ms. Vanlalsuong Award for Best Character: Tabitha Lalremruot (B. Th.)
  6. Elder Dr. Lalzakung F. Tusing Award for Academic Excellence in B. Th.: Tabitha Lalremruot (B. Th.)
  7. Rev. D. Ruolngul Award for Academic Excellence in M. Div.: L. Noel Joute (M. Div.)

A grand feast was prepared for all the students, well-wishers and many other invitees.


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