Sielmat Bible College is an undertaking of the Independent Church of India and therefore, the church appoints a managing board to look after the college.

Board of Governors
The College is governed by the Board of Governors consisting of nine members, six of which are directly elected by the Executive Council of the Independent Church of India for a term of three years. The members elect the Chairman from among themselves. The Executive Secretary, the Secretary Christian Education, the Principal, and the Academic Dean of the College are the ex-officio members. The Board may nominate one member, if needed.

Members of the Board:

Chairman: Rev. HB Hluothang
Secretary: Rev. Jonathan Innfimate, Principal
Members: 1. Rev. Lalhmingthang, Executive Secretary, ICI
2. Rev. Lalneikhup Hmar, Secretary Christian Education, ICI
3. Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul, Academic Dean
4. Rev. Jaya Kumar, Ex-Principal
5. Rev. Zathangsing Zate, Secretary Finance, ICI
6. Elder David L. Lungtau
7. Mr. Laldatlien F. Tusing

Faculty Meeting
The Faculty Meeting consist of the permanent faculty members to look after the general day to day functioning of the college.

Members of the faculty for 2023-2024:

Rev. Jonathan Infimate, Principal
Rev. Dr. James R. Ruolngul, Academic Dean
Rev. Alan L. Thiek, Registrar
Rev. Joe Sanghmingthang, Lecturer
Rev. Dr. V. Lalnghakthang, Lecturer
Rev. Lalliensung, Lecturer
Mr. James L. Darngawn, Lecturer
Mr. Andrew Lalnghillo, Lecturer/Dean of Students
Ms. Marina L. Buongpui, Librarian
Ms. Erica Zarzokim, Lecturer/Treasurer
Mr. Thanglenpao Khongsai, Lecturer
Mr. Carey L. Inbuon, Lecturer

SBC Students’ Association
The Sielmat Bible College Students’ Association has been set up for more effective and efficient day to day administration of the college, and also with a view to impart leadership and to bring out leadership potentiality in the students.
i) The general body will have election for a term of one academic year for the posts of President, General Secretary, Finance Secretary, Pulpit Secretary, Secretary Practical Ministry, Work Secretary, Music Secretary, Light in-charge, Mess Secretary and Sports Secretary.
ii) The general election will be presided over by the Registrar and the Warden. Election is done in such a way that each class is represented in the Council.
iii) The Principal and Dean of Students are the advisers in the Students’ Association. No meeting will be called or conducted without the presence of both or either of them.

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