The College has good hostel facilities for both boys and girls in which all students, except married students with families, can stay. Detailed Rules and Regulations of Hostel Life may be had from the Warden on request. All students are to follow the Rules and Regulations. Major or repeated violations of rules may result in dismissal.

Corporate Worship

Corporate worship and fellowship are compulsory for all.

  1. Morning devotion as scheduled.
  2. Chapel Service at 9:20 AM, Monday to Friday.
  3. Evening Devotion as scheduled.
  4. Sunday morning service and evening service as assigned.
  5. Communion service is held at appropriate intervals in the college chapel.


Personal Conduct

  1. Students at all times are to show respect to faculty and staff and their spouses. They should be addressed with Mr/Miss/Mrs/Ma’am/Sir/Rev. Etc.
  2. You must pay a fine of Rs.500.00 (five hundred) if you are found using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco on the campus. After warnings, you may be asked to leave the college.
  3. Failing to attend (i) College regular morning services (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) and (ii) morning devotion without proper information will be met with serious consequences. Sickness is exempted but information is to be given to the Dean of Students through friends or family members (for day scholars) and the Dean of Students in turn will inform the Academic Dean.
  4. Urinate only in the urinal. Avoid urinating outside.
  5. Avoid spitting, throwing sputum, or blowing your nose in public.
  6. Students must treat fellow students with respect and dignity. No teasing or embarrassing others.
  7. Unacceptable/unchristian relationship between opposite sex is not allowed. Single men and women are not to talk in private.
  8. Going out of the campus wall anytime (excluding outing time) without permission will result in a fine; (Going out includes every going out of the two main gates without permission [e.g., morning walk, any visiting]) be it for the college or any emergencies. You are not expected to give information but obtain permission. If the Warden is not available on campus you can reach him by phone or talk to the person in charge in his absence).
  9. Students are encouraged to wear appropriate clothes in public (kitchen, library, chapel, etc.). Male students are not to be seen without clothes on campus.
  10. Consider having proper manners and etiquette in every situation. A manner that is socially acceptable and respectful is an important thing to learn. It can help you to have better relationships with people you know, and those you will meet.
  11. If one has valuables (e.g., laptop, mobile phone, etc.) or cash in your room, lock the door. Large amounts of money, valuables, or documents may be deposited in the Finance Office for safekeeping. SBC is not responsible for any loss of personal property inside the campus.


Medical Policy

In case of falling ill, the Warden may be approached for simple headaches, colds, stomach upset, or simple wounds. If a doctor is required, consultation, treatment, or specific diet expenses will be borne by the students themselves. If medical leave is required for more than three days, students must submit the doctor’s report to the Dean of Students. Students may obtain medical leave for 15-20 days. After 15 days one may be advised to take a break as it is likely that attendance requirements will not be met.


Holiday Matters:

  1. You can enter the college two days ahead of the re-opening day (The mess is opened then). However, proper information must be given to the Dean of Students or to the Principal for entering the college earlier (before the day of arrival).
  2. Concerning the time of your arrival at the hostel (i.e., arriving on or after the day of arrival), proper information must be given to the Warden and not to the cook or to your friends. Don’t instruct the cook to prepare a meal or room for you. That is the Dean of Students’ job. Your job is to inform the Dean of Students about the exact time of your arrival.
  3. On entering the campus, do this thing first - report to the Dean of Students.
  4. Students entering or returning to SBC late (i.e. after the appointed day of arrival) for whatever reason (sickness, road block, financial problem, family problem, etc.) after any holiday (Winter break, Semester break, Spring break) will be fined for each day; and be responsible to make up for missed works. Entering the college without any information to the college (for whatever reason/s) will result either in (i) No admission (ii) a fine. After ten days of arrival (with or without information) one may not be admitted into the college (It will be up to the college whether or not to admit the latecomer).
  5. During any holidays (Winter break, Semester break, Spring break), pack your belongings and keep them in order. Make sure that your room’s lights are turned off, and curtains and windows are closed. On leaving, lock your room and leave the key with the Warden.
  6. Stay in touch with the college community members (through Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mail, phone calls, etc.) during holidays.



Every member of the SBC community is expected to take care of all things with wisdom and love. Be good stewards of SBC properties: turn off lights when not in use. Do not waste water, or leave taps open. Report any breakage or damage immediately to the Warden. Destruction, defacing, or misuse of any property may result in fines or payment of the cost of repairs.


Prayer Cabin

Please make sure you enter the prayer cabin with clean feet to keep it dust-free as much as possible. Students are prohibited from using this cabin for any other purposes except for prayer.


Dress Code

The general dress code on campus for all during the working day is casual. Men students are not allowed to wear T-shirts in chapel. Women must consider decency in public.



In case of serious illness requiring absence from class, permission to be excused from class must be obtained from the concerned Academic Dean through the Dean of Students. Meals may be taken to the student’s room in the event of illness but inform the Mess Secretary. If a special diet is necessary one must talk to the Dean of Students.



  1. No permission will be granted for overnight absence except for emergencies. Request and permission for ever-night absence must be obtained from the Principal through the Dean of Students in writing. The warden must be informed before leaving and immediately on return to the campus. Breaking any of the following will result in a fine.
  2. Entering the college later than 3:30 pm (summer) and 3:00 pm (winter) on Saturday outing (without permission).
  3. Eating meals outside on weekends is not allowed. If special permission is granted for a special occasion one must obtain permission before 12:00 p.m. and return to the campus at 4:30 p.m. (summer) and 4:00 p.m. (winter) unless permission is extended. Permission must be obtained from the Dean of Students by the one who invites. Attempting to take permission after 12:00 p.m. will not be granted. Upon arrival, one must report to the Dean of Students and sign in whether it is on time or late arrival. (If you fail to sign in, you will be treated as absent from the college without permission)
  4. If found employing cheating in any area of college disciplined life. For instance, Not writing your name on the outing register before leaving (This includes signing in and going out again without signing out), Not signing in your name upon arrival (you must sign in even if you are late with or without permission), Giving wrong time of the arrival, Signing for others when the person has not yet arrived.



Various newspapers are delivered every day to the college. It is not allowed to take them to your room, library, kitchen, etc. You are discouraged from reading them in the library during study hours.


Cell phone

A student is allowed to keep one cell phone to be used on weekends. A student is encouraged to faithfully sign in and out of the cell phone as informed (signing out: Saturday 8:30 am; signing in: Monday after morning devotion). If you are found using mobile phone(s) on campus on weekdays (Monday-Friday), you must pay a (i) fine (ii) the phone taken will not be returned. (iii) won’t be allowed to use your phone anymore during your stay at SBC.



No visitor (family members, friends etc.) is allowed to enter the dormitories without permission from the Dean of Students. No children are allowed in the hostel rooms.



  1. Each student must keep his room, bed, clothing, and person clean and neat. There will be an occasional room inspection to see if it is clean. Breaking this will result in a fine.
  2. No one is allowed to change the allotted room or roommate without permission from the Dean of Students.
  3. One should sleep only in his allotted room. Breaking this will result in a fine.
  4. No hostel furniture may be moved into or out of the room without permission from the Dean of Students. Besides that, you are not allowed to scrabble or write anything on the cupboard/ bed/ Table (explicitly for Rev. Taisen Block)
  5. Lights must be out at 9:00 p.m. (winter) and 9:30 p.m. (summer). If anyone is found using the light after the given permission the concerned person or room will be fined. In case of emergency and sickness, inform and get permission from the Dean of Students.
  6. If one is found watching a movie or doing any loud gathering after 9:00 pm (Winter) & 9:30 pm (Summer), the concerned person or room will be fined.


Kitchen Area & Meal

  1. No student, except those assigned to duty to help the cook, may enter the kitchen (especially the cooking area). No private cooking of extra curry, chutney, and making hot water may be done on campus.
  2. Be prompt at mealtime. In any normal event, meals will not be served further than 8:10 am-8:50 am in the morning (summer & winter) and dinner at 4:30 pm-5:10 pm (summer), 4:00 pm-4:40 pm (winter). Late meals cannot be demanded.
  3. In special cases, if one is going to be late and requires meals to be kept, kindly inform the Mess in Charge. If you are going out and do not need a particular meal kindly inform the Dean of Students, to write your name and details in the Meal Register in the kitchen.
  4. A student may have a guest for a meal in the dining hall for a payment of Rs.100.00 with the knowledge of the Warden.
  5. No one is authorized to touch any of the kitchen properties (vegetables, oil, sugar, firewood, rice etc.) without permission from the warden.
  6. One may not demand drinking water from the kitchen after it is closed.


Waste Management

Please avoid throwing any rubbish on the ground (e.g., wrappers, gum, fruit peelings etc.). Never spit in the dustbin kept in your room or outside. If you find any waste material anywhere in the campus, pick up and throw it in the dustbin. There will be an occasional inspection to see if your bins are clean.


Games & Sports

Students are encouraged to do physical exercise so as to refresh themselves from daily academic pressures. Every Friday afternoon is particularly set aside for compulsory games day.


Medium of Communication

As long as one belongs to the SBC community, he/she should use English as a medium of communication unless permitted to do otherwise.



  1. They are not just to attend the classes as learning takes place not only in the class rooms. It is a must to participate in all the college campus activities for holistic growth. Neglecting morning chapel will not be tolerated. Fasting prayer or Chain of Prayer which is done once a month is mandatory. Games & Sports held on Friday is mandatory. Extra-curricular activities like - Day of Prayer, Picnic/Tour etc. are all mandatory. Proper permission must be obtained from the concerned authority in case of emergency. Strict attendance will be taken to see if you are active and serious in complying with the college rules. Failing to satisfy the college by your life and academic performance may result in expulsion from the college.
  2. Mobile phones are not allowed during office hours (9:20 am-3:05 pm).
  3. No day scholar is allowed to go outside the college campus during office hours (9:20 am-3:05 pm) without permission.
  4. Concerning sudden declaration of holiday for any reason (condolence, bandh etc.) and any other notices, please check Koinonia.
  5. You must rely on the calendar of events for all official holidays. If there are any changes it will be made known to you.
  6. You must maintain punctuality for all the college's regular activities.
  7. You must refrain yourselves from bringing things that are against the hostel rules in and around the premises of SBC.


NOTE: We have stopped admitting day scholars for the time being.